Tuesdays With Dorie: Kugelhopf

November 11, 2008


This week’s recipe is Kugelhopf!  Kugelwhat?  Thank you to Yolanda of The All Purpose Girl for selecting this recipe.  Check out her site to see her results and to get the recipe, and check out the TWD site for links to lots more results.

I almost didn’t make this because it makes a big cake and you’re supposed to eat it the same day. But it’s only my second week, and half the fun is making things I wouldn’t have made, so I went ahead with it (after my husband told me that I better not be skipping out on my second week!)

First a note about raisins.  I’ve seen a number of comments from people who wanted to substitute the raisins. To that I say “what?!”  What could be better than raisins?  I love raisins more than words can express. Raisins are my desert island food. Raisins are my last meal food. Raisins are the food of all foods! Nature’s candy! I looked at the recipe and thought “only 1/3 cup of raisins?” Plus, the California Raisin guys are pretty darn cute.

I’m sure I’ll wax poetic about raisins in another post, so on to the Kugelhopf…

What I did: I was reading the comments from the other bakers before I started, and everyone’s ideas and experiences helped me a lot.  This was a really soft, sticky dough, and not all that easy to work with; if I had been doing this on my own, I probably would have thought I messed up the recipe!  One bit of helpful information I got from the TWD site was that after refrigerating the dough overnight, it was stiff and difficult to put it in the pan, so I decided to put it in the pan before refrigerating it overnight.  Since my bundt pan isn’t decorative, I used a muffin pan.

How it went: After mixing the dough, I let it rise (which took 3-4 hours), deflated it, put it in the fridge and deflated it several more times over the next 2 hours, put it in a buttered muffin tin, then refrigerated it overnight.  The raisins were not evenly distributed, but the dough was so sticky that it didn’t seem worth it to try to relocate some of them.  The next morning, I took it out to rise again, which took about 3 hours. Then it was finally time to bake!  I knew I’d need to reduce the baking time because I was using a muffin pan, so I baked 10 minutes, added the foil tent, and baked for another 10 minutes – and they were really dark at that point!  I should have kept a closer eye on them, but with the foil tent, I couldn’t see them and didn’t want to keep opening the oven.  Thankfully, I got them out just in time.  After I took them out of the pan, I brushed them with melted butter and sprinkled them with sugar.  These turned out really cute in the muffin pan.  They would be a nice addition to a brunch table, nestled in a basket with a pretty napkin.  But it would be a lot less hassle to just make muffins or popovers! : )



How it tasted: I think it turned out really nicely: in the muffin pan, I got a nice amount of crust on each one, and the inside was airy and so tender it was silky.  The raisins were a burst of chewy sweetness, and the butter and sugar on the outside were, of course, delicious.  I ate one and thought it was pretty bland outside of the raisins, butter, and sugar, although I admit I was impressed by the texture.  My husband liked them and said that they tasted like a doughnut, and my in-laws stopped over, so I sent some home with them and they also liked them and said they were worth the effort.

Would I make this again?: Well, I don’t know, because it was such a hassle to make this.  But I have to say that it was nice to get some good reviews from the other people who tried them. Maybe I was too stressed out after taking so much time to make these.  I’m happy that they turned out, and it was fun to make a recipe that I otherwise wouldn’t have tried! I ate a second one later on and I really enoyed it. These could be addictive!


  1. What a good idea to make these in a muffin pan! This was delicious, wasn’t it? I agree that I liked the end product but maybe not enough to make this again. It was fun to try, though.

  2. This was labor-intensive but fun to try something new…I think if you love raisins, you’re going to LOVE baking your way through this book, because Dorie G. seems to have a raisin “thing” too…

  3. Muffin Kugel. Nice idea. Welcome to TWD. Glad you didn’t chicken out on this one. They were pretty tasty, huh!

  4. Welcome to TWD and great job on your muffin kugelhopf, they look tasty!

  5. Love your kugelhopf muffins!

  6. Thats one of the things about TWD I like too, making something I wouldn’t otherwise make. I love that you put your dough in a muffin format. Sounds like a great tea treat too.

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