Winter in Wisconsin

November 24, 2008

This is what it looks like this morning. I was more than a bit shocked when I got up!




  1. That’s what I woke up to as well! Made the drive into work a bit less fun, but a bit prettier 🙂 Where in Wisconsin are you? I’m in Oshkosh, but work in New London.

  2. It’s pretty but I’ll be sick of it long before it’s gone in spring! We’re about 35 miles northwest of Milwaukee…kind of out in the country but close enough to the city too.

  3. Hi Jill! Thanks for visiting my blog! The winter scenes above look just like my neighborhood! We also had a big snowfall – at least 3 inches overnight. Happy Thanksgiving!

  4. Beautiful. You can send some down south to me if you like.

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