Tuesdays With Dorie…the cookies are coming

December 2, 2008

OK, it’s Tuesday again and no TWD post.  Here’s the deal: we have some flexibility this month, being December and all, so I’m taking advantage of it.  The recipes for this week and the next two weeks are all cookies, so later this week, I’m making ALL of them so they’re fresh and ready to bring to a party on Saturday.  Next Tuesday, I’ll post about this week’s Linzer Sables and next week’s Grandma’s All-Occasion Sugar Cookies, and the week after I’ll post about Buttery Jam Cookies.  Mmmmm!

There are lots of postings on the Linzer Sables; check out the links on the TWD site.  Check out all the nice blog names too.  And here I am with “Jill’s Blog” … I guess I was too caught up with getting the blog set up and didn’t put much thought into the name.  Oh well.  I guess I could change it, but I’ll save myself the stress of coming up with something clever.

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