Tuesdays With Dorie: French Yogurt Cake

March 17, 2009

Do you remember when Yoplait’s tagline was C’est Si Bon? I don’t know the last time I thought about that, but it popped into my head when I tried this cake, because it is so good! This magnifique cake was selected by Liliana of My Cookbook Addiction. Check her blog for the recipe or look on page 224 of Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan. The book describes the cake as “a delightful cross between pound cake and sponge cake.” It’s supposed to have a lemon marmalade glaze, and there are tons of options for changing up the recipe and for serving. Be sure to check out the other Tuesdays With Dorie bakers to see what they thought of this cake.


What I did: I cut the recipe in half and baked it in a mini-loaf pan. To cut the three eggs in half, I used one whole egg and one white. I used ground almonds, but the recipe gives an option of using all flour if you don’t want to use the nuts. I was tempted to use some ground walnuts that I have, but almonds seem much more French, so I went with those. For the yogurt, I used homemade skim yogurt.

How it went: So easy! I did have to grind the almonds, but that was the only extra step. A bowl, a whisk, and a spatula and it was done. I knew that my mini loaf was a little bit smaller than half of the full size pan, but it worked pretty well. The cake rose over the top of the pan and the very top parts got pretty brown. I figured I’d trim them off, but they actually tasted pretty good!


How it tasted: Awesome. The book says it tastes better the day after it’s made, and some of the other bakers said the same thing, so I waited before trying it. When I tried a small sample, it was so good that I decided not to glaze it. We aren’t marmalade people, so I was going to use apricot jam. That would have been good, but it just didn’t need it. It was good plain and it was good layered with fresh strawberries and whipped topping. Since Dorie has never commented on my blog, I’ll admit to you that I used fat free whipped topping. Store brand. Not even real Cool Whip. Hey, I think it tastes good. My husband really enjoyed this too, and he declared it better than both pound cake and sponge cake.

Would I make this again?: Oui! Some of the other bakers reduced the oil in the recipe, so next time I’ll try that in an effort to lower the fat a bit. This would be a great dessert for company, because you can make it a day or two ahead and have it ready to go.


  1. Looks wonderful, love how you sandwiched the layers! I LOVED this cake, it smelled so good while cooking and tasted wonderful 🙂 I paired it with simple lemon curd. YUM!

  2. Beautiful cake, and I love the strawberries with it.

  3. I just learned how to make yogurt (wow!), so I am very impressed with your cake.

    This recipe is a keeper, that’s for sure.

  4. Your cake looks awesome!

  5. Totaly appropriate Jill! What a nice match… just like a shortcake! Brilliant!

  6. I agree! What yoplait said!!! Totally gorgeous cake!

  7. Yours looks wonderful with the strawberries and cream!

  8. Your cake looks wonderful. I loved this recipe. It was so easy and delicious.

  9. I love your little confession;) I don’t mind store brand either. Shhh! Your secret is safe with me.

    Yours looks lovely with the strawberries! Yum!

  10. It looks very good! The berries look fabulous with it. Glad you liked it!

  11. Ha, way to live dangerously – you never know when Dorie might pop in and catch you with the generic stuff. You totally make up points with the homemade yogurt, and your cake has perfect texture. We didn’t eat the cake a day later but it was pretty good from the freezer.

  12. Ciao ! Your cake sandwhich is great ! I’m sure it’s buonissimo too !!

  13. Your cake looks so good. I really liked this recipe and will make it again.

  14. So pretty with the strawberries!

  15. Jill, that looks AMAZING!! I was totally thinking this would be good with strawberries and whipped cream. Wish I had done it!

  16. Yum! The texture looks great!

  17. I love your presentation with the strawberries and whipped cream. Glad you liked the recipe. Reading you post reminded me I have a yogurt make stashed away. I should take it out and make some yogurt.

    Thanks for stopping by!

  18. Mmmmm, I wish I’d thought of making shortcakes. There’s always next time. 🙂

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