Tuesdays With Dorie: Chocolate Cream Tart

April 28, 2009

It’s Tuesday again! It’s been a month full of chocolate and this week was no exception. Kim of Scrumptious Photography selected Chocolate Cream Tart. I’d call this Double Chocolate Cream Tart because it’s a chocolate crust filled with chocolate pastry cream, topped with whipped cream to lighten it up (in color only, not in richness). Sound good? Check Kim’s blog for the recipe or look on page 352 of Baking: From My Home to Yours by Dorie Greenspan.


What I did: I cut the recipe in half. I only have a full-size tart pan, so I brainstormed about the best way to handle half a recipe using the pans that I own. I really wanted to make four minis so that I could fill two crusts right before serving and save the other two crusts for another day. I decided to use my 3″ ramekins, knowing that we’d need to eat right out of the dish and maybe this wouldn’t technically be a “tart.”

I used Omanhene cocoa powder in the crust. Some of the other bakers commented that the crust wasn’t very sweet, so I added a touch more sugar to the crust by swapping one tablespoon of flour for one tablespoon of powdered sugar. In the pastry cream I used Guittard 61% chocolate.

How it went: The crust and pastry cream recipes were both pretty easy to cut in half. I eyeballed the half an egg yolk for the crust, and in the end I probably used 3/4 of it because there didn’t seem to be enough moisture in the dough. I’m not sure how long I baked the crusts, though I know it was longer than I expected. Since they were already brown, it was hard to know when they were done! I poked them lightly with a toothpick to see if they seemed baked and that helped me track their progress.

I always get a bit nervous making pastry cream, but I gave myself a pep talk, made sure I was completely prepared, and went to it. It went great! No scrambled eggs. Thick but not weird-thick. Silky smooth and chocolaty. Yum.

Since I don’t have a slice to show you, here’s what it looked like going together. First, I pressed the crust into the ramekin and baked it.


Right before serving, I filled the dishes with the chocolate pastry cream.


Then the whipped cream and chocolate shavings went on top (see the top photo) and voila – Chocolate Cream Tart in a ramekin!

How it tasted: Wow. We are chocolate lovers and this did not disappoint. We really liked the double-chocolate and the whipped cream on top was the icing on the cake, so to speak. My husband especially liked the combination of textures. No argument from me – I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again – I love crust. I liked all the separate parts and liked them together: this was all-around excellent! As fun as it would be to own some mini tart pans, this worked out really well in the ramekins. Each dish was a generous single-serving and I had plenty of room to fill it with pastry cream and whipped cream without worrying about overflowing the crust. Plus, I didn’t have to try to get a nice looking slice to photograph.

Would I make this again?: Yes, this will be making another appearance in my kitchen. This would swiftly take care of the most critical chocolate emergency!


  1. Usualy my lazy self would not have done a crust, had I made the chocolate cream part in a ramequin… but no, you went ahead and made it… and with great chocolate too! Nice touch, Jill!

  2. I absolutely was in love with this tart too! So creamy and delish. Even better after a day in the fridge MMMMMMMMM

    Love the idea of the ramekins, looks great!

  3. Love that you gave yourself a pep talk before making the pastry cream. Looks like it worked! That was the most nerve-wracking part of this recipe, but boy was it ever worth it. I have mini tart pans but I haven’t used them yet. Maybe for the lemon tart!

  4. I love it in your ramekins.


  5. I agree it’s the combo of all three parts that makes it so special. Love the idea of putting it in the ramekins (I also only have a full sized tart pan – I just shoved the crust in anyway!)

  6. This recipe made me forget all about my dislike for tempering eggs. It was so delicious!

  7. Each layer is just beautifully perfect. I love that you made the little minis…they look so elegant and it is such fun getting a little dessert all to one’s self! Great post.

  8. That little ramekin tart is so pretty. What a great way to show off a tasty treat.

  9. Wow, your pastry cream looks beautiful! This was a winner all around here, too. We will definitely be making it again.

  10. oh i love how you made them in individual ramekins! very lovely presentation. i’m like you–i loooove crust. i made mine with dorie’s sweet tart dough, and thought it was perfect with the chocolate cream.

  11. Oh I love the little ramekins. Too cute. I loved this one too, but I’m loving the variations everyone made. I know I’ll be making this again.

  12. Ha – I think I give myself the pep talk every time I have to attempt pastry cream. Looks like it worked – yours looks perfect. This really was a chocolate lover’s dream come true. We will definitely be making this one again. Your tarts looks beautiful!

  13. Great Job Jill! They look good in the ramekins. Thanks for the visit! The tart shells I found online 36 for 11.95. You can reuse over nad over for years and use them for parties and such…

  14. I’m a little frightened to make this recipe again. It was too darn good. What if people were late for dinner? Would that be an excuse to eat theirs? Maybe making it all in ramekins and getting someone to hide them from me would be the answer. Glad you enjoyed!

  15. I’m right there with you on the pastry cream/custard pep talk. It freaks me out every time. I’m certain I’ll have scrambled eggy bits. Mine worked out well, too. I’m so glad you enjoyed this recipe–I loved it!

  16. Your tart looks wonderful in the ramekin. I’m glad it was a success for you afterall.

  17. Using the ramekins was genius!

  18. This tart looks so delicious…love the ramekins…so cute.

  19. Your tart looks fabulous in the ramekin!! I love that you don’t have to slice it and worry about making a mess when you pull pieces out if you use ramekins. Glad you liked it!

  20. I’ve got to try this one! I like the single serving idea. Looks delish!

  21. YUMMY, great pictures, I really need to give this recipe a shot!

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