Tuesdays With Dorie: Raspberry Blanc-Manger and You’re Invited to Join The Kitchen Reader

July 21, 2009

This week’s Tuesdays With Dorie recipe is Raspberry Blanc-Manger. What’s that? I didn’t know what it was either but if you read on, you’ll get the gist of it. Susan from Sticky, Gooey, Creamy, Chewy selected this oh-so-French recipe for the group to make this week. Check her blog for the recipe, or open your copy of Baking: From My Home to Yours to page 398.


What are those little hairs on raspberries?

What’s The Kitchen Reader and How Do I Join?

The scoop on the recipe is below. But first, I want to tell you about The Kitchen Reader. Jennifer from Cooking for Comfort contacted me and asked if I’d be interested in joining a foodie book club. I said yes and we put our heads together to come up with some ideas, Jennifer created the blog, and The Kitchen Reader was born. Check out the rules here (they aren’t too strict) and take a look at the list of books we’ve come up with so far here. Book suggestions are welcome, and members will vote for the next book we’ll read. Join us! You just need to have a blog…you don’t need to be a TWD member. The email address to sign up is on The Kitchen Reader blog.

OK, back to the Blanc-Manger

What I did: I made 1/3 of the recipe. I used skim milk instead of whole milk because that’s what I had in the fridge, but other than that I didn’t make any changes to the recipe.

How it went: This wasn’t difficult, but it did make a lot of dishes! Whip the cream (mixing bowl and whisk attachment), grind the almonds (mini food processor), heat the ground almonds, milk, and sugar (saucepan and spoon), dissolve the gelatin (small bowl), cool the hot liquid in an ice bath (two bowls), fold in the cream and raspberries (spatula). Plus miscellaneous measuring devices and a strainer, knife, and cutting board to prep the raspberries. It all came together nicely and I poured it into a mini-loaf pan and put it in the refrigerator to chill. And then I made raspberry coulis, which is easier than it sounds, but it generated a couple more dirty dishes.

It took a bit of coaxing to unmold it, but it came out nicely and looked impressive when I plated it with the coulis and some whole raspberries.

How it tasted: When I took a quick look at this recipe, I didn’t have a good idea of what this might taste like. When I told my husband that I made Raspberry Blanc-Manger, he said “Ah, Blanc-Manger came in 3rd in the Tour de France yesterday.” Ha ha.

We both liked this a lot! I liked the smooth, creamy texture and was happy that the gelatin didn’t make it firm and jello-y (though I like Jello!). I was also happy that I went the extra mile and made the coulis, because it was a nice touch. My husband said he was glad that it wasn’t custdar-y like a flan and he thought that it really showcased the fresh fruit.

Would I make this again?: I predicted this would be a no, but I was wrong. It’s so beautiful and tastes great; it would be a great dessert for guests (though my repertoire of desserts for guests exceeds the amount of guests that I actually have!). If I were to make this for guests, I’d probably put it on a base of a tart crust or a sponge cake, as suggested in the book.


  1. Hi Jill-

    Thx for posting about the reading circle! Seems like so much fun. I posted additional titles to consider although the list already feels complete.

    I looked at this TWD and predicted a “no” for me too but it seems like the reviews are very positive. What did you bake it in using only 1/3 of the recipe?

  2. Sounds like you are going to have to entertain more! πŸ™‚ Nice job on this one, although I ended up skipping it. Looks great!

  3. I’m not a fan of raspberries, but, in looking at your blanc manger, I might have to reconsider that. You did a beautiful job!!!! Thanks for all of your help with The Kitchen Reader.:) I look forward to working with you on it!

  4. Love your perfect photo! Mine never really set. It’s in the ice cream maker now. We’ll see if it can be salvaged

  5. Very nice Jill! Simple, small and dainty, and super appetizing! Like a little jewell!

  6. It looks really good. I’m glad to know blanc-manger came in 3rd in the tour. Too funny. Great job.

  7. I passed on this recipe too, but it certainly looks great!

    Thanks for thinking of me to join the Kitchen Reader – it certainly sounds like fun!

  8. Beautiful!
    I didn’t think I’d like this either, but it was delicious!
    I’m glad yours was a hit too!

  9. Looks like yours turned out great. Glad you liked it. I went the chocolate route. And it was a little too whipped creamy for me–made it in to ice cream!

  10. I wasn’t sure about this one either, but I was pleasantly surprised! Yours looks lovely in the pool of raspberry coulis.

  11. Yours is so pretty – I love the look of it sitting in the coulis. (I was too lazy to make coulis!)

  12. It looks lovely. Great job. It wasn’t a favorite, but mite try it again – Kayte had a great one with chocolate, etc.

  13. You made me laugh – my repertoire of desserts also exceeds my number of guests! πŸ™‚ Your blanc-manger is gorgeous, I’m glad you enjoyed it!

  14. LOL on the hubs comment. Your blanc-manger turned out very elegant and lovely. I made half a recipe and it was gone in no time with requests for more, so it must have been a hit. Yours is just beautiful!

  15. I loved the blanc-manger too! You did a great job. And thanks for letting us know about the Kitchen Reader group. I may join!

  16. I didn’t know what this was either before making it, but it was tasty! That looks lovely in the raspberry coulis!

  17. Mmm, yours looks wonderful and chock full of raspberries.

    I didn’t think I would like it either, but like you, really did.

  18. Your blanc manger is gorgeous! It looks like you’ve got so many beautiful raspberries in it. I only tried a bite of mine, but it was good. Glad it was a hit with you guys too.

  19. It looks wonderful; I keep seeing all this lovely coulis and wished I’d had time to make it. Thanks for posting about the Kitchen Reader, I just read David Lebovitz’s “Sweet Life” and it was highly entertaining. My in-person book group would be amused if I joined an online, all-food book group (I’m the one who always brings treats).

  20. Awesome new site!!! And awesome blanc manger! I am so glad you like it!

  21. I’m glad you liked it! It looks wonderful.

  22. I’m glad you liked the blanc-manger!

  23. looks beautiful- wish I had a chance to make this one!

  24. This looks great! So adorable in the square shape. I’m glad it was a hit!

  25. I love how your photo showcases the raspberries being used in three different ways: fresh, cooked inside the blanc manger, and blended into raspberry coulis. Looks great!

  26. I love all the raspberries in your blanc-manger! If I make this again with raspberries, I’d leave them whole or in big bits so it looks more like yours. Looks really delicious!
    Isn’t it funny how many funny stories people have about blanc-manger – your husband was funny!

  27. I had the same thought after I tasted this–what a perfect dessert for a summer dinner party! Actually, what would be perfect would be if someone else would make the dinner and I just make this dessert…hmm… Anyhow, yours looks lovely, glad you enjoyed it.

  28. I love it that your repertoire of company desserts exceeds your company! — not because I don’t want you to have company, but because I have the same problem. What’s with those people – don’t they know what great cooks we are!? πŸ™‚ Yours looks wonderful, and I’m glad you liked it after all (it was so good!)

  29. i’m surprised it turned out ok with skim milk – FYI you can learn how to make whole milk from skim in my blog if you find the arborio rice pudding post!

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