Baking Baba au Rhum with Fellow Bloggers

August 14, 2009

Baba au Rhum – where did that idea come from? Michele of Veggie Num Nums posted her goals and welcomed others bake/cook along with her. I had no idea what Baba au Rhum was, but it sounded exotic, and I thought what the heck, I’m going to sign up for that one without looking to see what it really is. Yes, I’m getting pretty crazy these days!

Baba au Rhum

I’ll admit that it kind of looks like a corn muffin in the photo, but really it’s a tasty individual serving of brioche, soaked in a syrup flavored with lemon and orange juice, sugar, tea, and rum, served with whipped cream. This was my first time making brioche and I was surprised at the sticky dough: the instructions to form it into a ball didn’t really happen, but the end result was delicious. I’m officially on the Brioche Bandwagon now!

My husband and I both loved this. The syrup had just enough rum to be tasty without having an overwhelming alcohol taste. And the syrup plus the whipped cream plus the buttery cake was a delectable taste sensation! I made half a recipe and soaked two servings in the syrup right before serving. I stored the extra cakes in an air-tight container and the extra syrup in the refrigerator, ready for soaking and serving another day.

You can find the recipe here. Michele from Veggie Num Nums and Barbara from Dish ‘n’ That are posting today too, so be sure to read about their Baba experiences! Spend a little time looking at their blogs too; they’re both cooking up some great things (and they both have cute cats). And thanks Michele for inviting us to bake with you!

A note about the recipe: When I clicked the link that Michele sent, I was surprised to see that the recipe was from Sanford (Sandy) d’Amato, a chef here in Milwaukee. He’s got some great restaurants and is very well known!


  1. I actually stumbled across the recipe for this yesterday and thought about making it…. something new with a name I would probably pronounce wrong – it had to be fun!!! The idea of the syrup combined with the bread continues to sound great. Very daring and very well done!

  2. Nice job, Jill – your baba looks yummy! It was fun baking together with you and Michele. I really liked the tea in the syrup and the lemon and orange juices. This is a special dessert for a special occasion, and I’m sure I’ll try it again. I’ll be sure to check back in on your lovely blog. 🙂

  3. Great job Jill! Your Babas look fantastic and I’m so happy that you liked them. It was lovely to bake with you and Barbara and I’m looking forward to the pretzels. I’ll e-mail you some recipes today or tomorrow.

    Thanks again!!

  4. I had never heard of Baba au Rhum either, but it sounds really yummy! Baking the brioche tart for TWD gave me some much-needed yeast bread confidence, this looks like a great one to try.

  5. This looks fabulous! I’ve never had brioche, nor have I ever made it….but I want to now!!!!!

  6. I’ll have to try this. I’ve never heard of them before.

  7. I’ve never heard of this, but it sounds great! Love the photos too – it almost looks too good to eat!

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