Dill Pickles!

August 18, 2009

*** I am taking a “calorie break” this week, so I didn’t make the Applesauce Spice Bars selected by Karen of Something Sweet by Karen. Stop by her blog to see the recipe! ***

Two weekends ago, my mom and I made dill pickles.





It takes some effort, but we ended up with 21 jars of delicious garlic dills, so we’ve got enough to last a while! There are all sorts of pickle recipes, but we use a basic brine of water, vinegar, and pickling salt and we toss a garlic clove and some dill into the jar. this year I grew the dill from seed and we found some nice (and very clean!) cucumbers at the local farmers market.  I’m not posting directions because our methods don’t follow the USDA guidelines. You can get the scoop on the right way to pickle here: http://www.uga.edu/nchfp/how/can6b_pickle.html

If you want something a whole lot quicker and easier, try some refrigerator pickles. We usually make a batch of these with the extra cucumbers we have after canning pickles. These are ready to eat in a few days and they’re tasty!

Refrigerator Pickles

3 quarts water
1 quart white vinegar
1 cup pickling salt
4-5 pounds cucumbers
1 bunch fresh dill
Garlic cloves (you’ll need enough for 1 or more clove per jar)

In a large saucepan or dutch oven, combine water, vinegar, and pickling salt. Stir to dissolve salt. Bring to a boil. Remove from heat in refrigerate overnight.

The next day, scrub the cucumbers. If they are larger than you want, slice in half or in spears. Put some dill, one or more garlic cloves, and cucumbers into a jar. Cover with cold brine. Put a lid on the jar and refrigerate for at least 3 days.


  • Be sure to use pickling salt. You can find it at the grocery store or anywhere that sells canning supplies.
  • You can put these into canning jars if you have them (the plastic screw-on lids made for canning jars are really convenient). Or, save old pickle jars or other glass jars and re-use those.


  1. My husband would probably keel over if I made pickles for him, he’d be THAT excited. Your pickles look GREAT! Do you have to keep the pickles (the ones you pictured) refrigerated? How long do they last?(shelf life)

    • When you preserve them (through canning), they don’t need to be in the refrigerator. You can keep them in a cool-ish spot, like the basement. I think the guideline is one year, but I think you can go longer than that as long as what’s in the jar looks OK, smells OK, and the jar is still sealed.

  2. A calorie break is a good idea. I have never tried dill pickles, but these look great.

  3. My husband would LOVE it if I made pickles.

    I’m not showing him this picture. You understand, right? 🙂

  4. Too cool. I would never think to make pickles. They look yummy.

  5. I’d love to try them !!!

  6. Nice! I’ve always wanted to make pickles, but I’m a little intimidated by canning in general. I’ll have to work up the gumption to try it someday. And I completely understand about the “calorie break.” I pretty much did that all of July!

  7. My husband would love these much more than the apple bars!

  8. Used to make pickles all the time. Now I let my friends make them with MY cukes. Those look really good.

  9. Oooh, I loooove pickles, but I’ve never had homemade! Sounds amazing. [And props for the calorie break–I’m trying to reign it in myself…ah, optimism.]

  10. Aaah, brings back memories of my pickle-making family. Yours look fantastic. Making pickles with family and/or friends is the best way 🙂

  11. Oh, I LOVE dill pickles! I wish I lived close to you, I’d tell you that I’m coming over to take a jar off your hands!! 🙂

  12. Yum! These look fantastic. I have never tried to make pickles before.

  13. Ooh, yum! I love a good pickle!

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