Tuesdays with Dorie: Cran-Apple Crisps

November 17, 2009

This week for Tuesdays with Dorie, I made Cran-Apple Crisps. This fall treat was selected by Em of the Repressed Pastry Chef, and she’s got the recipe posted right here on her blog. The group has some leeway with the November recipes, so I made these later than their “official week.” I don’t know how I waited, though, because I love fruit crisps!


I heard so much about the pumpkin shortage this year, but had no problems finding it when I needed it. But when I went to the store for cranberries, I couldn’t find them. I asked someone in the produce department and he led me to the area where they were…and there was only one bag left. I happily grabbed it, and when I got to the checkout, I saw that there was a hole in the bag. The checker asked me if I wanted to get another bag and I said “There are no more! Please tape it up!” She fixed the hole and I headed home with my precious cranberries.

What I did:

  • I made 1/4 batch of the filling for two individual crisps, which I baked in my handy ramekins.
  • I made 1/2 batch of the topping, used half of it, and stashed the other half in the refrigerator. Another night I made two more crisps!
  • I omitted the dried cranberries one time and included them the next time.
  • I decreased the butter a little bit. My half batch of topping called for 4 Tablespoons, and I used 3.

How it went: So easy! I mixed the topping ingredients (butter, sugar, oats, flour, coconut, spices) in my mini chopper. Does anyone have one of these? It’s an attachment for my immersion blender; the base of the blender attaches to the chopper and it works great. I sometimes forget that I have it, but it comes in handy.


I put the topping in the refrigerator, and after dinner I peeled an apple, tossed it with the cranberries, sugar, and flour, and baked the crisps.

How it tasted: So good! I loved the combination of apples and cranberries, and of course the topping was delicious. I thought that my husband was anti-cranberry, but it turns out that he is just anti-canned cranberry sauce. He declared this a restaurant-quality dessert, and he enjoyed the sweet-tart taste and the crispy topping. We liked both versions: with and without the dried cranberries. I thought the dried cranberries made it sweeter.

Would I make this again?: Yes. I love crisps, but for some unknown reason, I haven’t made one for a long time. This is so easy and delicious!

You can find the recipe on page 422 of Baking: From My Home to Yours, or right here.


  1. Great looking crisp Jill. Good move on the cranberries – sometimes we have to do what we have to do.

  2. I agree! Delicious! Interesting that you felt that the dried cranberries made it sweeter. I am making this again for Thanksgiving and thought about cutting the sugar back. I did use cherry craisins, so I wonder if that added to the sweetness? Who know, I just know it was good!

  3. I love that mini chopper attachment! Your crisp looks delicious!

  4. What beautiful colours on that picture! …and what a lucky girl to have such cool gadgets! I don’t even own a processor! …no kitchen aid, not chopper… nothing but a pastry cutter (and even that is recent! LOL …used to be two knives!)

    Bravo! Very well done!

  5. I loved the crips too.

    I didn’t add cranberries to mine, but instead caramel and walnuts.

  6. your crips look delish!!!! I am looking forward to making this one!! I LOVE apple desserts! Great job on yours!

  7. Ohhhh, I am JEALOUS of that contraption! One more thing that I am now sure I need! Hahahaha!

    Your crisps look delicious! And I’m glad that I have finally found some pumpkin…when I first went out looking for it, I couldn’t find it! Congrats on the last bag on cranberries!!!!

  8. I love that you scaled down the recipe and put it in individual ramkins. Im making this next week and I paln to do the same. Your crisp looks wonderful and Im sure it tasted as good as you say!

  9. Mmm, loved this! I’ll have to try it sometime with the coconut. That’s a fun processor gadget!
    Your crisp looks de-lish.

  10. Ha! I have one of those chopper attachments too!

    I loved the crisp and think it was one of the best recipes this month.

  11. Yay for new kitchen toys! Your crisp looks beautiful! I also don’t know why I put off making it.

  12. I have a mini chopper, but it doesnt look as cool as yours – more like a little food processor. your crisp looks great

  13. Precious cranberries–gave me a laugh. That’s what made this recipe unique so they WERE important. Looks scrumptious.

  14. The crisp looks yummy! I’m glad you were able to get that bag of cranberries. I do not own a blender at all, but have had an immersion blender on my kitchen wish list for a while; that looks like a good one.

  15. Your crisps looks delicious! I love this crip too.

  16. Your crisp looks delicious. I thought it was so tasty. I also loved the tartness of the cranberries and how pretty they looked. Glad you were able to find some.

  17. Your cran-apple crisps look terrific – I love the color of the cranberries popping out! I just loved this recipe too, I didn’t realize how much I love cranberries! =)

  18. That is a cool little gadget. I don’t think I’ve ever seen one before. I totally loved this crisp. I loved its ease and simplicity and can’t wait to make it again.

  19. Jill – what a scare! 🙂 I’m hearing about pumpkin shortages and now cranberry! It’s looks wonderful – and am so glad you modified it to your liking. Sometimes that doesn’t work – but it sounds like it was a big “restaurant” hit!

  20. This looks delicious and I love your little chopper.

  21. I am quite shy to admit that I have made this now about ten times b/c it is so easy and the guys really love it. Okay, I love it, too. Yours looks beautiful! I probably should make it again today.

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