Tuesdays w/Dorie: All in One Holiday Bundt Cake

November 24, 2009

“All in one” sums up this cake: pumpkin, nuts, cranberries, apple, and spices…it’s fall in a cake! Actually, it was breakfast in a cake for me. It was a great morning treat with a cup of coffee. Thank you Britin from The Nitty Britty for this seasonal selection!

What I did: I didn’t make any changes to the recipe…I even baked the full amount! I used a basic tube-shaped silicone bundt pan, which worked great even if it didn’t make a decorative cake.

How it went: Easy! Mix everything and bake it. I cut my apple into small pieces and it distributed throughout the cake nicely. The batter was a really pretty orange color.

How it tasted: I didn’t add any glaze, and I thought this was tasty and not too sweet. All of the flavors went well together and nothing was too strong; the cranberries added a nice punch of tartness. My husband even liked it and he isn’t a fan of pumpkin. I sliced up the cake and brought some to a party. Without the glaze, it was easy to pick up and munch on it, and the partygoers enjoyed it.

Would I make this again?: Maybe. I think it would be good as mini-loaves or muffins. Although I liked it without the glaze, I would probably glaze it next time. Some people made a cream cheese glaze for this cake, and that sounds really delicious!

You can find this recipe on page 186 of Baking: From My Home to Yours. It will also be posted on The Nitty Britty – we’re mixing things up this month and posting the recipes any week that we want, but I think Britin will have it posted on her blog today.


  1. Glad you enjoyed it! I actually made this three weeks ago and did a rewind this week (can’t do the Chestnut Cake right now). However, the first time I made this cake it stuck in my pan. I bought a new pan and made it again last night, perfection!

  2. Glad you enjoyed it! I made apple crisp and it was a good breakfast too.

  3. Im glad you and your husband enjoyed it. I thought it was a great recipe too. It looks great!

  4. Your cake looks great! I’ve been saving mine for TG and I am so so excited to try it!!!

  5. Your loaf looks delicious. And I LOVE that coffee mug!!!!!

  6. Ciao ! We loved it too ! Nice pictures !

  7. I haven’t tried my cake yet – so I’ll take your word for it!

  8. Wasn’t this a lovely cake! I agree that it would be good as a nice loaf cake too.

  9. Even better breakfast treat with the cream cheese frosting, since cream cheese has protein. What? That works doesn’t it! hehe 😉

  10. Thanks for your comment on my blog! Much appreciated! Yummy looking cake- will have to get to that one soon.

  11. I like your “Would I make it again?” question. That’s the true test in my book. Your cake looks tasty.

    BTW, I love your countertops. Bet you enjoy them too.

  12. Great job Jill! I am a fan of this cake – it is moist and I love the contrasting flavours, so it’s a keeper for me (though as a blogger, I have to keep making new stuff!).

  13. With all the fruit, it can definitely be called a breakfast cake! The maple glaze was delicious, but this cake is so flavorful it doesn’t really need anything extra. I made half of mine into mini-loaves and they turned out nice; a great little holiday gift.

  14. I made this last week and loved it. I did put the maple glaze on it, but am sure it would have been just as good plain. Yours looks terrific!

  15. No one here could get into these flavors so I skipped. Yep, skipped right out…hopefully be on track again this coming week. Hopefully. Yours looks so pretty…if looks alone could win them over, this would do it.

  16. I’ve been eating it without icing for breakfast too. I agree that it would make great muffins!

  17. Jill – my thoughts exactly – no icing was needed! It was more like a nice, nutty, pumpkin bread than a “cake” – and makes great loaves, which is what I made. Glad you husband liked it! It looks like a great slice!

  18. Yum! I love all the goodies in this cake.

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