Tuesdays with Dorie: Sables

December 8, 2009

This week’s recipe for Tuesdays with Dorie is Sablés. These delicious butter cookies were selected by Barbara, also known as Bungalow Barbara. Barbara is a fellow Wisconsin baker and a cat lover! Be sure to check her blog for the recipe and to take a look at some of the other goodies she’s been baking. The recipe is also on page 131 of Baking: From My Home to Yours.

What I did: I made half of the recipe, straight up (there are also different versions such as lemon and pecan). I rolled part of the dough into a log and patted part of it into a rectangle and chilled it for the minimum amount of time, 3 hours.

How it went: With only a handful of ingredients, the dough is quick and easy to put together. Dorie warns us not to overmix, and I think I may have undermixed it a bit because I saw bits of butter in the dough. After chilling, I brushed the log with egg and rolled it in sparkly sugar, and I cut the rectangle piece of dough into “fingers.” My finger-shaped cookies were a disaster! They melted and became misshapen. The log cookies baked better but weren’t round. However, my logs of dough are never round, so that was no surprise.

How it tasted: I tried one the night that I baked them and thought “eh.” I had been planning to bring these to my in-laws’ house the next day and decided not to bring them, so I quickly mixed up some other cookie dough to bake the next morning. But then the next morning I had one and it tasted much better: buttery and crisp. As an afterthought, I tossed a few into the container with the replacement cookies and brought them along. They ended up being a hit! I left them wanting more, which I think is a good thing.

Would I make this again?: Yes, because my mother-in-law wants more! Next time I’ll chill the dough overnight and I expect it will behave better than it did this time.


  1. I’ve noticed that sometimes in life, the more you want something to impress, the less likely it will happen. And things you aren’t so sure about turn out to be the winner. Just like your cookies. (Sorry, guess I’m feeling philosophical this morning). 🙂 Your cookies certainly look good anyway.

  2. I have a very difficult time getting my logs even, too…so, you are not alone! I had bits of butter in my dough and I thought sure that I had overmixed. Maybe that’s normal?

    Your sables look delicious.:)

  3. I only chilled mine for the 3 hours, not overnight, though you are probably right, it would probably be better overnight! Where in Wisconsin are you? I’m in the southeast, just over the border of IL.

  4. I really loved these. My logs were not circular either. Still taste good though.

  5. Only Martha Stewart can get her logs of dough perfectly round, because she pays people to do it. 🙂

    I’m ok with misshapen cookies, they have character!

  6. That’s funny–I actually liked mine best when they were a little bit warm! And YAY to misshapen cookies. They look so home-y.

  7. I’m glad they ended up being better the next day! That is pretty much a consistent thing with Dorie’s recipes! I love it!

  8. LOL, my logs of dough are never round either. Glad you and your MIL liked them.

  9. Thanks for baking along with me this week! I’ve notice that butter cookies and shortbreads do get better after a day or two of aging. Your idea of chilling the dough more sounds good.

    P.S. I have some shaping tips for these on my blog post.

  10. I made them plain too. Im glad your mil enjoyed them!

  11. There’s no such thing as unlovable cookies. I’m glad yours were enjoyed!

  12. LOL LOL I love how you left them on their appetite! LOL

    Goes pretty well with your all alone, single, poor, little by itself cookie picture! “They’re great, they’re buttery and rich, and crispy and mmmmm… sooooo good. But! You’re getting only one!” LOL LOL

    Lovely Jill!

  13. I think I overworked mine a litte, too. But they came out okay. Yours look just right.

  14. You and me, Girlfriend. I can’t roll a nice round log to save my life! Somehow, these are even still good a little overbaked.

  15. Your cookies look great! I am glad you ended up liking them. I liked them too!

  16. I tried some of the second batch that I baked tonight and also though “meh”. Guess I’ll have to give them another go tomorrow. For my first batch I added some vanilla and that helped with the “eh” factor quite a bit. I liked them more with vanilla in them.

    Anyway, glad these ended up being a hit!

  17. I like your festive holiday placemat and the cookies look great! I’m glad they were a hit! Mine chilled for two days and were very easy to slice (they weren’t perfectly round either, though).

  18. I think they look delicious and I’m so glad that they were a hit!

  19. love that they tasted better the next day! Mine didn’t last that long

  20. Well if your mother in law loved them it sounds like the cookies were a success overall! I thought these cookies were delicious

  21. Jill – they look great! Just like homemade shortbread cookies should look like. And funny how they take a few days to taste better – I guess that’s the good part. Good things come to those who wait! Glad you and everyone enjoyed them – Happy Holidays!

  22. What a good daughter-in-law you are! It is nice when someone really loves something we make, isn’t it? They look buttery good to me!

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