Tuesdays with Dorie: Cafe Volcano Cookies

December 15, 2009

I wondered why this week’s recipe for the Tuesdays with Dorie baking group was called Cafe Volcano Cookies. After making them, I had my answer: they erupt into puffy, crunchy cookies! Many thanks to MacDuff from Lonely Sidecar for this selection that was easy and delicious. You can find the recipe on her blog, or look on page 153 of Baking: From My Home to Yours.

What I did: I made half of the recipe and didn’t make any modifications to the ingredients. There aren’t that many ingredients to modify! Almonds, walnuts, sugar, espresso powder, and egg white.

How it went: Easy! First I chopped the nuts and toasted them. Next, those went into a saucepan with the rest of the ingredients to be heated just until it was warm to the touch. As I was scooping them out onto the baking sheet, I realized that these have no butter. No butter! Seriously, no butter. Not the norm for a Tuesdays with Dorie recipe.

The cookies looked like this going into the oven:

Coming out of the oven, they looked like this:

Magic! Normally with a meringue cookie, you whip the egg whites. With these, there was no whipping and they magically puffed in the oven. Very cool!

How it tasted: I liked these a lot. They’re a light, sweet, crunchy cookie. My husband said that these are “fun” and they remind him of peanut brittle.

Would I make this again?: Yes. These were so easy to make and very unique. I think they’d work with different nuts, and I know that some people substituted cocoa for the espresso powder, so that’s another option to think about in the future. The book says that in the pastry shops of France and Italy, cookies of this type are often dipped in chocolate. I’ll try that next time!

Before I go, I would like to give a shout-out to Meryl from My Bit of Earth. She and I are both members of The Kitchen Reader, so I started visiting her blog and I was recently the lucky winner of a giveaway. Her husband makes beautiful jewelry and I received the Dished Silver Pendant, which you can see in his Etsy shop along with other lovely pieces. I loved the pendant in the photo and I love it even more in person! And no, I’m not saying that because I got it for free. It really is a cool necklace! I’ve seen a lot of people link to neat things on Etsy, yet I’ve never purchased anything from there. I think I need to get with it and start doing some Etsy shopping!


  1. Those cookies sound (and look) so delicious! I sat this one out-but now I wish I hadn’t!

    I haven’t bought anything off of Etsy yet, but I often look at it! And I agree, Meryl’s husband has some beautiful jewelry! Congrats on your win.:)

  2. Your cookies look great – I liked these too. And Etsy is a dangerous place – I have bought soooooooooo much there!

  3. Lovely necklace! Delicious cookies! I can see you dressing up and imagining yourself in a Paris cafe eating these with a latte.

  4. Thanks Jill! So glad you like the necklace!

  5. Your cookies are perfect!!! What did I do wrong? My batter was so liquidy, the dough didn’t hold it’s shape at all.

  6. We loved these, too. I only made a half batch as sometimes guys are “Iffy” on things with nuts IN them, but they literally inhaled these! I didn’t even have time to get a photo of Matt taste testing this week! Yours look great and I love that little cat print, so fun and festive!

  7. Your cookies look fantastic! I think I might like these better dipped in chocolate! πŸ™‚ Hard not to like a cookie that is so easy to make!!

  8. Your cookies look fabulous! And, I peeked at your Gingerbread house…amazing! So cute! Love the snowman! I haven’t worked up the courage to try one of these yet. Someday! πŸ™‚

  9. YUM! Your cookies look great. They were a big hit here too.

  10. Perfect cookies! I loved how simple this recipe was, and just one pan!

  11. These cookies look really interesting and they’re easy which I love. Your pendant is lovely!

  12. I like the way you post with questions and then answers. Very interesting.

    Also liked your fudge stories.

  13. It is amazing how so little effort goes in and puffy, crunchy cookies come out! I didn’t love these, but I’m glad to hear they were a hit for you!

  14. These cookies are definitely a fun thing to make. I was in suspense at what magic volcano-like thing would happen while they baked! πŸ˜‰

  15. They were indeed almost magical cookies! I’m glad you enjoyed making …and eating them!!! LOL

    Very nicely done, Jill!

  16. Your cookies look so nice, definitely more meringue-y than mine, and I love the Christmas cats! These really were interesting for such an easy recipe.

  17. Your cookies turned out great. They look tons better then mine! Im glad you liked the recipe and enjoyed the cookies. Im sorry I didn’t but thats the way it goes sometimes!

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