Tuesdays With Dorie: Honey-Wheat Cookies

February 23, 2010

Wheat germ and honey come together to make a groovy cookie reminiscent of the 1970s. This flashback treat was selected by none other than Michelle from Flourchild. Be sure to stop by her blog and see all the wonderful things she bakes up for her family!

What I did: I mixed the dough one night and baked them the next. No changes to the recipe!

How it went: These were certainly easy to make. Wheat germ, honey, and lemon zest join the usual cookie dough suspects: butter, flour, egg, sugar, baking powder, and salt. The dough balls are rolled in more wheat germ and flattened with the bottom of a glass before baking.

How it tasted: The dough was addictive! It was really sweet, yet I couldn’t stop eating it. I sampled a warm cookie and liked it a lot, especially the texture, which is hard to explain, but is some variation of chewy. They honey flavor was a bit much for me, but the lemon zest added a great flavor.

My husband said “Coat this thing in chocolate and you’d have yourself a cookie.” He also declared it “wheaty” yet stated that he would “eat a whole box” of them. I am really beginning to question his credibility as a reviewer! But I like him and he’s my primary taste-tester, so what can I do?

Would I make these again?: Maybe. These were fun and they’d be good as part of an assorted cookie plate. If you want the recipe, Michelle will have it posted today, or look on page 81 of Baking: From My Home to Yours.

Speaking of flashbacks, I was at my parents’ house this weekend and my mom handed me a box with my Barbie dolls and their accessories. Here they are hanging out on the inflatable living room furniture wearing clothes that my grandma knitted. Very groovy! I think a plate of these cookies would fit right in with their party!


  1. I wonder if Malibu Barbie ever ate wheat germ? What great house guests you have, they could use some refreshments – Pepsi and perhaps a honey wheat cookie. Dipped in chocolate – now THAT’S an idea – nicely done Jill, they look great!

  2. Questioning the credibility of your primary taste-tester? Same here. Especially after he brought home girl scout cookies with way too much enthusiasm.

    Love the Barbie scene. Can’t believe your grandmother knitted those clothes. Definitely groovy!

  3. Ha! Love the Barbies, especially their clothes LOL! Glad you guys liked these, I thought they were pretty good šŸ™‚

  4. Your hubs is on to something…chocolate would be an interesting filling (maybe without the lemon, though!)

    Love your Barbie pool party! That really brings back memories.

  5. Looks like we rated them about the same, I really need chocolate or at least frosting on my cookies. Sassy dolls!

  6. LOVE the barbies! I had inflatable furniture, too. What fun! I was a tad bit obsessed with brushing my Barbie’s hair all of the time-probably because I hated knots getting into my hair!

    Your cookies look great!:)

  7. My hubby wasn’t impressed. He likes his chocolate chip pecan cookies much better. Your look great. Love the Barbies!

  8. Groovy is right! Between these cookies and the Barbies, I feel like I’m taking a ride in the way back machine. Your cookies look great!

  9. I absolutely loved that last photo – really takes me back in time.

    I happen to think your husband’s idea of coating them in chocolate is a darn good one. Too bad I don’t have any left or I’d go straight to the kitchen to try it!

  10. Love the Barbies! Too funny! And I agree with your hubby – they probably would be good coated in chocolate!

  11. I had to look at that barbie set up over and over..I had the same blow up furniture..man did that bring back some great memories!
    Im glad you baked with me this week..your cookies look great! My husband would like them dipped in chocolate too!

  12. Love the barbies – they fit in with the whole 70s chic of these cookies.

  13. LOL LOL LOL… before I made them, I thought like your husband, after I made them… I thought like you. Really enjoyed the texture, but thought they’d be bland, so I added everything but the kitchen sink! LOL

    Yours look perfect!

  14. Those Barbies are fabulous! I would like my own set. I wonder if I can sub some of the honey for corn syrup or sugar. Hmmm.

  15. I made them with pecans and they turned out beautifully.

  16. How funny that your mom returned your Barbies this week, love the photo! I’d agree on maybe making them again, good for when you want a sweet you don’t feel too guilty about eating.

  17. I think the cookies look great and they sound tasty. I like the not too sweet kinds of cookies.

    I love your Barbies! How funny.

  18. Oh, Barbie and friends!! Love the furniture. I never had that, but I did have the airplane, the dream house, the country house…oh, Barbie! I wish I had some of the cool clothes your Grandma made, though. Oh, right…the cookies! They look great. I think you should absolutely try dipping them in chocolate. At least one!

  19. Oh my gosh, love the Barbies! And the write up on the cookies is great!

  20. Great Barbies! I don’t think my barbies are still in existence… I’d have to ask my mom about that šŸ˜‰

    Baking these tonight, made the dough yesterday. My colleagues are really loving me this week: Dorie’s Chocolate Chip Cookies last Tuesday, Flowered Apple Pie today and these Honey-Wheat Cookies tomorrow….

  21. Your cookies look most excellent and I am just in love with the Barbies and their furniture…such a nice touch! I have all my Barbie things as well, and try as I might, even when I mentioned I had a Barbie convertible, the little guys just would not go for it…not even with Ken, etc. I did have a couple of GI Joe’s that were my brother’s originally that they thought seemed more manly, but not by much and declared that GI Joe was just a good back up date for Barbie in case Ken was busy. Busy with what??? Ken’s only job was to keep Barbie happy! They’ll never understand, will they?

  22. Barbies in couture clothing. Nice. They look like they want some cookies.

  23. AH! Look at that Barbie party! I’m obsessed! I agree with Carol… they look like they want some cookies.

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