Tuesdays w/Dorie: Chocolate Ganache Ice Cream

August 10, 2010

This week’s recipe for the Tuesdays with Dorie bakers is Chocolate Ganache Ice Cream, selected by the wonderful Katrina of Baking and Boys! Katrina is a chocolate lover and mom extraordinaire…and quite outnumbered as the only female in her household of four boys and a husband. I think she keeps her sanity by whipping up amazing treats in her kitchen: Almost every week, she presents many variations on the weekly TWD recipe, with a healthy dose of cute photos of her family. She also makes a ton of non-TWD goodies, always with a creative flair. Let’s just say that I wish I lived next door to her. But since I don’t, it was fun to churn this ice cream in her honor.

What I did:
  • I made 1/2 of the recipe.
  • I used half and half instead of cream.
  • I can’t remember exactly what kind of chocolate I used! But it was tasty, and I think it was about 50-55% cocoa.

How it went: Well. I went into it with a good attitude. I really did! But I came out of it straining cooked egg out of the custard. Custard and I have an iffy relationship. Somehow all the chocolate didn’t melt, so it was speckled. On the bright side, the final product was free of scrambled eggs!

How it tasted: Very good! The tiny bits of unmelted chocolate actually added interest to the texture; they were like micro-sized chocolate chips. My husband liked it a lot and described it as “fancy chocolate ice cream.” Thumbs up from both of us!

Want to give it a spin? You can find the recipe on page 430 of Baking: From My Home to Yours, and Katrina will have the recipe published today.


  1. Custard is temperamental. I have had my own bouts with it. Your chocolate ganache ice cream looks delicious!

  2. I had to strain mine, too. But the smooth ice cream was SO worth it! Your ice cream looks delicious-I bet it was wonderful with little bits of chocolate running through it! YUM!

  3. Your ice cream looks delicious! It was so rich and yummy. Custard can be so temperamental. I’ve had many scrambled egg disasters there!

  4. Ice cream that is scrambled egg free is certainly a good thing. I hate when that happens. Still, your ice cream looks delicious!

  5. Sorry about your custard. Yes, when in doubt, you can always strain it (before adding the ganache to this recipe). Many chefs would say to always strain custard no matter what.
    Glad it worked out well for you in the end. Looks great.
    Thanks for the “love” and I wish we could be neighbors, too. Share and share alike! Where DO you live?
    You hit the nail on the head–baking IS my sanity.

    • Katrina, I’m in WI. I think you just moved even further away from me!

  6. The ‘micro chocolate chips’ sound like a good mishap!

  7. yay for no eggy bits in the ice cream 🙂

  8. Yours looks so deeply chocolate, Jill! I loved the chocolate bits in mine. We can’t get enough of this delicious ice cream. I’ll let you in on a secret…it makes amazing ice cream sandwiches with the espresso shortbread.

  9. I only made half too – my freezer couldn’t cope with more! (not to mention my waist!) I think your icecream turned out well – you look like you have a pretty good relationship with custard.

  10. Since you admitted it, I will too. I subbed skim milk for the regular milk and part of the cream and about 2/3rds of the chocolate called for. It was still delicious but not quite so rich. I’ve decided if I’m going to stay in TWD, I’ve got to modify. If it doesn’t work, I will just have to cross that recipe off the list. There. I said it. Thanks for listening to my rant. I feel better now. 🙂

    I think I would love the tiny little bits of chocolate in yours.

  11. Seriously yum. And I, too, subbed skim for the whole. It’s what I had, and I don’t think it diminished the taste one bit.

  12. Your icecream looks great! As long as it tasted good the custard doesn’t matter at all.

  13. so glad you loved this ice cream! I thought it was incredible!!

  14. Yep, good ice cream.

  15. How fabulous is that to have what you thought was negative perceived as “fancy” chocolate ice cream?! If ever the chocolate doesn’t fully melt when making ganache, just place the bowl over a pot of water that has been boiled, but is no longer on the heat, and whisk until it comes together in shiny smooth perfection.

    I often have to do this when making flavored ganache. If I infuse a spice into the cream and let it sit for 10-15 minutes and dump it over the chocolate before remembering to re-warm it, it’s not hot enough to melt all the chocolate.

  16. I think your ice cream looks delicious and I am not a big fan of making custard. (Hence, all the egg-free ice creams I make.)

  17. Hahaha your relationship with tempering eggs sounds oddly familiar to me. OH WAIT, that’s my relationship with it tooooo! Only I said to heck with it and kept going. You can thank Joy the Baker for that one 🙂

    It looks great though! Fancy chocolate indeed!

  18. How funny… looks great Jill – but after my couple of “egg bits” I started using an instant read – comes off the heat at 175 degrees and no worries… but I love custard-based ice cream. It’s the best – and yours looks so wonderfully creamy – so glad it was a hit (despite the hiccup)!

  19. Your ice cream turned out great! Using half & half was a good ideas since the recipe had so much chocolate as well as cream. I saw Mike’s comment above about about using an instant-read thermometer to avoid egg bits and also recommend it (I’m a bit obsessive about checking the temperature on custard).

  20. hah–we had the same thing happen to us! but i didn’t strain my egg bits out…and it still came out delicious!

    now, the chocolate bits in yours sound fantastic. probably gave it great texture. what a great mistake!

  21. I just got this made yesterday but the guys really loved it so I am sure I will be making it a lot. What is it with you girls and custard??? I laugh a little every time you talk about it b/c you are all so proficient at everything and custard is so easy!!! This looks wonderful. May publish mine next week with the tart to catch up with the week I missed. May Be.

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