The Chewy – Chocolate Chip Cookies

November 12, 2010

Alton Brown’s The Chewy. I’ve read a lot of rave reviews of this recipe. I finally tried them, and wow, these are good!

I didn’t realize I was such a fan of chewy cookies until I tried these. I still haven’t tried the Jacques Torres cookies from the New York Times. I think I’d like those too, but boy, The Chewy is a darn good cookie. As advertised, they are chewy! They also have a great brown sugar flavor and a little kick from kosher salt. I have a whole bunch of them in my kitchen right now. You should too!

You can find the recipe for The Chewy here.


  • The recipe says to chill the dough but doesn’t say for how long. The first time I chilled it for a couple of hours. The second time I chilled it for 20 minutes or so while the oven was heating.
  • Keep your eye on these in the oven! The first time I made these, every pan was overbaked, and some were really overbaked (OK, burned). I have an oven thermometer and I use it, and I’m in touch with my oven, but these were a challenge. The second time I made them, I reduced the temperature a bit (right in between 350 and 375 degrees) and I watched them like a hawk. I only needed to bake them for 9 minutes, rotating the pans after the first 6 minutes. they seem to go from pale to brown very quickly at the end.


  1. I think this is the one I haven’t tried yet…a couple of months ago the Twitter bake gals were all doing cccs and they tried everything known to man. I played along except I got tired of working with chocolate long before they did…I think the chewy is the one out of about 10 that I didn’t get to. Am sure the guys would love these looking at yours.

  2. These cookies look fab Jill! Who can resist a chewy choc chip cookie. Love you b&w plate – gorgeous.

  3. I have tried the JT recipe-but never posted about it-these look much tastier! I love chewy cookies and think that I’d love to give these a try. I love the tips you shared-thanks!!!!!!

  4. I love chewy cookies! It’s hard to believe how many chocolate chip cookie recipes there are, and every one of them looks great. Looks like I’ll have to add this one to the list!

  5. These look so good! Alton’s recipe usually work out really well. I haven’t made chocolate chip cookies in ages, but maybe now I should!

  6. I found the exact same thing with these when I made them…the time seemed too long for my oven. Do try the NYT cookies…they’re really wonderful!

  7. I made these once a long time ago and they weren’t my favorite, but I think something went wrong. Everyone sure loves these.
    That said, my favorite go-to cookie is the NYT recipe. Love them. Just made them a few days ago.

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