No-Peeking Popovers from the Pastry Queen

March 22, 2011

Popovers are a blast from my past. When I think of them, I remember my mom’s homemade popovers, which I drenched with honey. A restaurant called The Proud Popover also comes to mind, It was a girls’ lunch kind of place that served them with sweet and savory fillings. After a many-year-long hiatus, I was reunited with my old friend the popover, thanks to Michele. She’s been talking about Rebecca Rather the Pastry Queen, so I got a copy of The Pastry Queen Christmas from the library and we decided to make popovers.

This is a savory recipe, with parmesan cheese (or whatever kind of cheese you want to add). The cheese is layered in the middle and magically rises to the top to form a tasty, toasty cheese crust on the top of the popover. I served them with soup; they’d be great with brunch too. How about fresh, cheesey popovers with your Easter ham?

My first batch looked impressive coming out of the oven, but quickly sank into an eggy lump. I’m pretty sure that it was because I used a silicone muffin pan, but it also could have been because I forgot to adjust the oven temperature. The recipe is easy, but there are three different oven temperatures, and I missed one of the changes.

Attempt number two was a resounding success! I used a regular muffin pan, and even took some liberties with the recipe: I used cooking spray instead of melted butter in the pan, and I used a mix of whole milk and skim milk, because I had used up most of my whole milk on the first attempt. The second round was a little lower in fat and tasted wonderful! The recipe calls for a Texas-sized muffin pan or a popover pan. Using a standard muffin pan, I got six popovers from half a recipe.

If you want to give these a try, Michele has the recipe posted here. Click over to her blog to see it and to see how her popovers turned out. The Pastry Queen Christmas is worth a look too. The Amazon preview shows a few pages and you can look through the index to see what recipes are in the book.


  1. Thank you for baking along with me–you always make cooking fun. I think your popovers look awesome and I’m so glad that you enjoyed the recipe!!

  2. I’ve never made popovers but I have a feeling we’d really like them here 🙂 The Pastry Queen books are on my short list, I’m hoping to pick them up in the next few months. I’ve seen so many great recipes on blogs from them!

  3. These look fabulous! I’ve never seen popovers look THAT delicious!!!!!

  4. The popovers look great, Jill! I’ve never made them before, sounds fun. I’ve had one of the “Pastry Queen” cookbooks on my wish list for a while, but when there are always cookbooks I want more, so it just sits there. I should see if my library has this one.

  5. Shhh…I don’t want to know about any new groups/books/etc because I have way too much going on now. These popovers look wonderful…I want to make these savory ones!

  6. I love the name “popover” – though I have never had one. These look so golden and cute!

  7. I have made popovers in my silicone cupcake tin and that worked well. I think these cheesy ones sound fantastic!

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