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April 30, 2011

Almost immediately upon returning from our long weekend in New York City a few weeks ago, we found out that some friends were planning a trip there and hoped that we could join them. Since they live in Europe and we don’t see them often, it made sense to pack our bags and head back to the Big Apple.

I am happy to report that I finally made it to Levain Bakery! This place is a favorite of Katrina, and is now a favorite of mine too. Can you say giant cookie?

I selected a chocolate chip walnut. I wish I’d had a scale with me (but how nerdy would that be?), because this thing had some heft. [Update: Katrina reports that the cookies are 6 ounces!] Take a look at the dark chocolate peanut butter chip cookie that my husband had, and you can see how thick it is. Crazy! And crazy-good!

These cookies are soft, but they’re not what I’d call cakey. They’re definitely a cookie, but they are a cookie like no other. How’s that for a description? We went to their Upper West Side location, which is beyond tiny. The people who work there better get along, because they are in close quarters! I also got this whole wheat raisin roll, which was outstanding. I had forgotten about it, but came across it in my bag while waiting to board our flight home. It was a welcome surprise!

Another fun stop was Shake Shack. Our friends love eating hamburgers when they’re in the U.S. We thought the burgers and shakes were great. but they were turned off by the atmosphere – we had to wait in a long line and then hover to get a table, even at 3:00 in the afternoon.

Last, but not least, we went to Nobu…sort of. One person in our group (not me) really needed to use a restroom, so we looked for the closest bar or restaurant and that was it. We had a drink at the bar and soaked up the atmosphere at the Nobu Fifty Seven location, which was very cool. The bartender and maitre d’ were pretty friendly. The drinks were expensive, but it’s not difficult to find expensive drinks in New York!

I don’t condone graffiti, but this made me smile!


  1. I once saw an episode of “UNique Eats” and Shake Shack was featured-the line was REALLY long!

    Those cookies look amazing-and it sounds like you had a great time!

  2. Wow, those cookies are thick! Sounds like you had a great time in NYC. Love the graffiti.

  3. Lucky you – I can’t wait to get back to New York! We loved the Shake Shack when we went last year, and because we ate lunch early, we were able to snag a table right away. Those cookies are enormous!

  4. How fun that you got to meet your friends in New York! I’m going there for a wedding in October, so I’ll have to remember to check out your posts before I go. Those cookies look amazing!

  5. Woohoo, you made it!! 🙂 I so want to go back. I LOVE those Levains!!! The cookies are 6 ounces!
    They won best ccc on an episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay a couple years ago.
    How fun that you got to go back and so soon after your other trip! (Thanks for the shout out.)

  6. I’ve made the levain cookies before but never had them from the bakery. Sounds fun!

  7. Ooh I need to checkout that bakery but there are just so many places to eat at in NYC! Shake shack is a fave – did you go to the Madison location? The other outposts are less busy I think in off-peak hours.

    • I think the location we were at was in the Theater District. It was madness – I wish I had a photo!

  8. You had some amazing food and I am so jealous of the Levain cookies. I’m glad that the trip was fun even though it was all last minute.

  9. I’m glad to provide a smile. ❤

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