Chocolate Cream Scones

July 2, 2011

Recently, I was chatting with Michele via email and she mentioned that she’s not a big fan of scones. I love scones, so I thought we should try out a recipe from The Art and Soul of Baking. She made the Cream Scones and I made a variation, Chocolate Cream Scones.

This recipe calls for a food processor, and is so easy to make. I made half the recipe and baked it in my new Nordicware scone pan. Rather than wasting an egg, I brushed them with a little cream and then sprinkled sugar on top.

These were full of chocolate flavor, tender, and moist. My husband, who isn’t a big scone fan, liked them a lot. Do you know how people say that they don’t like scones because they’re dry? I’m one of those people who likes a more solid scone, where you can break off a chunk and spread it with some jam. These were tasty, but were too tender and moist for me.

This book is wonderful, but if you want to do a trial run first, you can find the recipe here on Google Books (the chocolate variation is on the next page). If you want to see the other recipes I’ve made from this book, you can look here. Be sure to stop by Michele’s blog to read about her vegan Cream Scones!


  1. Those look cute snuggled in their little beds there….I have always been intrigued by that pan, how does one load them into the pan for baking? Do you make scone wedges and insert them?

    • I’ll admit that I don’t know how you’re supposed to use the pan! I divided up the dough into blobs and then pushed them into the pan, which seemed to work.

  2. Chocolate cream scones? Yum! I should dust off my copy of The Art & Soul of Baking and try these. My dad made the more traditional dryer scones when I was growing up – I like scones either way!

  3. Ooh! I’ve always wanted a scone pan. These look so delicious! I think chocolate scones are the very best kind.

  4. Your scones are so perfect looking and they look delicious! Thank you for baking with me!!

  5. The pan! I thought my only hope was to find one at a garage sale. Going online to see if I can find one ASAP–and then I’ll try these scones. Wouldn’t they be awesome with Nutella?

  6. Your scones look lovely. I like scones the way they’re traditionally made, but I could have my arm twisted into trying these!

  7. Chocolate scones? Yes, please! They look fantastic.

  8. WOWOWOW! These look fantastic!!!!!!!!

  9. I’m definitely a fan of tender, moist scones rather than dry so these are right up my alley. I have that too book too – everything I’ve made from it has been fantastic!

  10. Chocolate + scone = you can’t go wrong! These look sooo delicious!

  11. I’m not a bit scone fan either, Jill, but seeing yours and Michele’s has convinced me to try them again. Your chocolate ones look divine!

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