Butterscotch Almond Cookie Cups and Classic Hot Fudge

September 6, 2011

One thing that I really like about The Perfect Scoop are the non-ice cream recipes – the mix-ins, toppings, and vessels. Most of the time, a bowl of ice cream is more than enough to make me happy, but sometimes I like to go the extra mile and dress it up.

See the Trivial Pursuit game in the background? I lost.

So, to go with my beloved Roasted Banana Ice Cream, I made Butterscotch Almond Cookie Cups and Classic Hot Fudge. The cookie cups are crisp, buttery, and are a fun way to have cookies with your ice cream. I’ve made hot fudge before and didn’t think it was anything special; this recipe is a keeper. It was thick and smooth and so satisfying mixed with a bite of cold ice cream.

Recipe notes:

  • I think the cookie cup process is similar to making tuiles…but I’ve never made tuiles! I was able to work quickly enough to get four cups molded before they hardened. For the second and third batches, I did have to re-heat the batter to make it soft enough to spread on the parchment.
  • I made 1/2 of the hot fudge recipe, and used Jacques Torres 60% chocolate. After a gentle reheating in the microwave, it was just as tasty on the second and third days.

You can find the recipe for Classic Hot Fudge here on Google Books.

The Google Books preview doesn’t have the recipe for the cookie cups, but David Lebovitz has a similar recipe here on his site (scroll to the end of the post for the recipe). That recipe calls for pecans instead of almonds, and is slightly different than the one in the book.

Once you get going, it's not so pretty, but it's still tasty!


  1. I love your cookie cups Jill – those things are not easy to make, and yours turned out just gorgeous.

  2. hummm. I think the cookie cups might go good with some basil orange ice cream….great job on the cups. I still have not tried out the waffle cookie iron thing. maybe you need to come visit…

  3. […] on making traditional ice creams, frozen custards, sorbet and the like.  My friend Jill (of Bake with Jill) also likes his book The Perfect Scoop and recommends it for anyone wanting to delve into ice […]

  4. That looks so elegant…really beautiful. I’m thinking you get the Food as Fine Art award this week…definitely lovely.

  5. This looks like one tasty dessert. I do love a good hot fudge sauce.

  6. Oof. Now THAT looks good. It also sounds like a very tasty combination. Love the butterscotch almond cups, they’re just beautiful!!!

  7. That looks like an amazing dessert! I really need to give that banana ice cream a try, it sounds so good.

  8. Oh my. What a gorgeous dessert! I love that ice cream recipe too and your lovely cup and sauce takes it to another level. Beautiful!

  9. What a beautiful way to serve ice cream! You’re definitely inspiring me to think outside of the bowl.

  10. Wow! I’m really impressed with your cookies cups–they’re gorgeous and seem difficult to make. I’ve never attempted such a thin cookie before.

  11. How completely impressive, each and every component! I am usually underwhelmed by chocolate sauce, but I imagine this one is excellent.

  12. I am so impressed with your cookie cups Jill! I might just give them a go despite my fears of tuile making.

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