French Fridays with Dorie (Rewind): Slow-Roasted Tomatoes

September 9, 2011

A few weeks ago, the French Fridays with Dorie group made Slow-Roasted Tomatoes. My garden wasn’t quite in sync with the recipe schedule, but when it got going, it really got going, and I had two pints of cherry tomatoes ready to roast.

After a long, slow roast in the oven with olive oil, garlic, and rosemary, the tomatoes looked a little funny, but tasted so sweet. We ate these topped with a little crumbled goat cheese the first night. The next day, I made a wrap* with turkey, goat cheese, slow-roasted tomatoes, lettuce, and herb vinaigrette. The sweet tomatoes made it the best wrap I’ve had in a long time! They were also great tossed on a salad.

If you have a lot of tomatoes in your garden or from the farmer’s market, open your copy of Around My French Table to page 342 and get roasting!

* Have you tried Flatout flatbreads? I’m addicted to them! My favorites are Light Original and Light Garden Spinach. [This isn’t an advertisement – I’m just telling you about them because I love them!]


  1. I have made these countless times before, but not Dorie’s version with the little ones (always used larger ones), so I think I will need to give these a try before tomato season ends here…yours look delicious and cute!!

  2. This looks like something my husband would LOVE! Gotta make them soon!!!!

  3. Roasted tomatoes are delicious! I make a Cooking Light risotto recipe with roasted cherry tomatoes, so yummy. I have never seen those flat breads, I’ll have to look for them.

  4. Oh, delicious! They are like the at-home version of sun-dried tomatoes. Beautiful for salads, as you say.

  5. These look really delicious and I can think of so many ways to use them. I love sun-dried tomato pesto and these would be perfect.

  6. I loved these too – even a little overdone, they were delish just to pop into your mouth.

  7. I love doing this with all the garden tomatoes and finding uses for them- I think mixing in with pasta, in omelets and on sandwiches are my favorite uses

  8. Love roasted tomatoes…these look delish.

  9. I can’t wait to try Dorie’s recipe! I only recently discovered how delicious roasted tomatoes are and now I’m obsessed.

  10. Your wrap sounds delicious. Thanks for the rewind!

  11. Oh wow, those sound like they would be fanstistic! Nice that you got you used fresh grown tomatoes.

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