Tuesdays with Dorie Rewind: Snickery Squares

October 25, 2011

The Tuesdays with Dorie bakers made Snickery Squares before I  joined the group. I’m not sure where I first saw them – on someone’s blog or in the book, but I’d been wanting to make them for a long time. So when my husband needed a treat to bring to work, I knew this recipe would be the one. Buttery crust, a layer of dulce de leche with a sprinkling of caramelized peanuts, topped by a layer of chocolate and more caramelized peanuts. Sweet, creamy, salty, and crunchy, all in one bite!

What I did:

  • I made the full recipe with no changes.
  • I baked the crust and caramelized the peanuts one day, and then assembled the bars the next day.
  • I let them chill overnight and cut them into squares the next morning. After sitting out on the counter for a while, the chocolate was still pretty hard to cut, but the dulce de leche was pretty soft, so these were messy to cut and to eat.
  • Since they were messy and I don’t like messy, I put each square into a muffin liner, and then put them all into a plastic container to be transported.
  • I’m not sure how many squares I ended up with, but I cut them much smaller than what Dorie recommends.

How it went:  I was nervous about making caramelized peanuts, but it went great! The couple of times I’ve made caramel following Dorie’s directions, it has worked out well. There are a few components to this recipe, and with cooling time, it does take a little while, so I was glad that I split the tasks across two days.

How it tasted: It’s a miracle that I didn’t eat all of the caramelized peanuts before putting the squares together! They were SO good. But the assembled squares were delicious, and much better than a candy bar. They didn’t last long at my husband’s office!

You can find the recipe in Baking: From My Home to Yours, or you can find it here on Dinner and Dessert.


  1. I liked this one. Definitely one that I had to share, since they were so tasty. I like that you put them in muffin liners. Very pretty!

  2. Ooh. I’ve been dying to rewind this one. I just need to find someone to foist them off on….hmm, husband’s office maybe? They look amazing.

  3. Yum, yum, yum! I have been dying to make these since I bought Baking three years ago. I have little control around regular Snickers, I can only imagine how good a homemade version is.

  4. I thought about making them for the Thanksgiving-rewind (It was on the schedule also befor I joined the group). I just love anything peanut! Yours look perfect!

  5. When I couldn’t find the figs for this week’s cake this was the recipe I wanted to rewind, but I couldn’t find the time. I’m so glad they lived up to expectations, I’m definitely going to get to them eventually!

  6. I loved these when I made them too. Yes, they were messy (and I even cut down on the dulce de leche a little). But weren’t they great?

  7. These were messy, but, OH, I loved them so much!!! Yours look great!

  8. These look so rich, but so good. I wish I was there to snag some of the caramelized peanuts. Yum!

  9. OMG, these look so good! This was also before I joined the TWD group – perhaps I could make these for my rewind later in the month.

  10. I got all the ingredients to make those last week as well…lol! I didn’t make them, though, so maybe this is a sign that I should do that asap! I love how you put them in the little wrappers.

  11. These look like the scones from our local bakery. I’ve been trying to find a recipe to replicate them and this could be the one! Thanks so much for the post.

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