Green Goddess Dressing (CEIMB)

October 28, 2011

This dressing and I are going places. It was delicious on salad (as dressing should be), and was so good on a wrap sandwich with turkey and arugula. Next, I want to try it as a vegetable dip, and I bet it would be oh-so-good as a mayonnaise replacement in egg salad.

I don’t make dressing often, but every time I do, I wonder why I don’t do it more often. This dressing is quick, easy, and delicious. Buttermilk and avocado make it smooth and creamy; tarragon is the dominant flavor. What if you don’t like tarragon or don’t have any handy? Basil and chives sound like great candidates for this recipe. I will definitely be trying this recipe with other herbs that are on hand or are growing in my garden.

You can find the recipe in The Food You Crave, or here on the Food Network’s website.

The Craving Ellie In My Belly (CEIMB) group posts recipes on Fridays; check out the site to see what others made this week!


  1. I’m the same way about homemade dressing,whenever I make it I’m reminded how good it is. This one looks super-yummy. I just checked Ellie’s new book out from the library and it looks great.

  2. The only homemade dressing I’ve ever made is a simple vinaigrette, and I’m not even sure that counts šŸ™‚ I should branch out, this sounds great!!

  3. I have never made homemade salad dressing like this – the name Green Goddess is adorable!

  4. Homemade dressing is a breeze, I agree, we should all make it more often. But then there’s a sale or a coupon and somehow the Italian dressing ends up in the cart. Your dressing looks so deliciously creamy!

  5. I’ll have to check out the Craving Ellie site. Seems I always see something that looks great!

  6. Ya know, I have never had Green Goddess dressing. Maybe I need to change that.

  7. interesting recipe! I bet the avocado gives it a nice richness….

  8. Buttermilk and avocado just sound wonderful together and I would never have thought to pair them like this, can’t wait to try it. This would be so good on wraps, you are right!

  9. I’m definitely going to have to try this. Great recipe!

  10. I really wish I liked avocado, because this dressing looks divine! I agree that making homemade dressing isn’t really that difficult, but I always seem to buy the bottled kind instead.

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