Girls’ Night, featuring Salted Chocolate Pretzel Toffee, Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies, and more!

January 15, 2012

Last night I had some friends over to watch a movie, chat, and eat. While I was planning what to make and making my grocery list, I saw this recipe for Salted Chocolate Pretzel Toffee, and immediately put it on the menu. I’m a sucker for sweet and salty, and if the salty component involves pretzels, all the better. It’s so easy to make, and dangerously tasty.

I didn’t want to serve just one dessert, so I also made Flourless Peanut Butter Cookies. I saw these cookies in Real Simple Magazine and was intrigued by a variation that called for mixing in 1 cup of broken pretzel pieces and 1 cup of chopped chocolate-covered toffee bar after mixing the other ingredients (the variation was in the magazine, but is not included in the recipe that I linked to). I made the recipe that way the first time and it was delicious. This time, since I already had a pretzel dessert on the menu, I added mini chocolate chips, which was also delicious. How the heck these end up looking and tasting like cookies amazes me, but they’re good, so I’m not going to question it.

And there was cotton candy!

Last summer, my friends found out that I had a cotton candy maker, so I knew the next time I had them over, I better serve cotton candy. My husband is the expert cotton candy spinner, so we let him do the work! I don’t make cotton candy very often, but it’s a fun activity once in a while.

It sounds like this was an all-dessert gathering, but it wasn’t. Actually, the star of the show was Pioneer Woman’s Olive Cheese Bread. Oh my gosh, this was an olivey, cheesy, buttery delight. The full recipe makes a ton, so its good for a gathering, plus there’s a tip for freezing it at the end of the recipe. I sent my friends home with some extra bread and topping so they could assemble and bake their own at home.

I’m a little sad that I gave away all the leftovers of the Olive Cheese Bread, but not too sad, because I have leftover Baked Chicken Meatballs. When I was thinking about what to make, I somehow got fixated on meatballs. I’m not sure if I’ve ever made meatballs of any kind before; if I did, it was a long time ago. So where the meatball idea came from, I don’t know, but I took a look on Smitten Kitchen and decided on these. I made them appetizer size (about 1 tablespoon each) and got 30 meatballs. They tasted great!

I didn’t get photos of the savory food, but if you click over to the recipes, you’ll see photos that are a whole lot nicer than what I would have taken. I also made Baked Potato Skins with Creamy Spinach and Turkey Bacon, which I’ve written about before, and Pioneer Woman’s Sangria, which I’ve also written about. We would have had a good time even without all of the food, but I enjoyed making it and they enjoyed eating it, so I think girls’ night was a success!


  1. Wow, I want to come next time! All this sounds like so much fun….and cotton candy thrown in as well! Going in search of a couple of these recipes, you are a great seller of fun!

  2. Your treats sound yummy! I’ve always wanted to make Pioneer Womans Olive Cheese Bread. My daughter her hubby and 3 little kids are coming to live with us for a short while. That will be a good time to bring out the olive cheese bread. Thanks for the reminder.
    Have a great week.

  3. I’m with Kayte, I want to come too! You have a cotton candy maker?? That would be SO dangerous here. I’d be eating it for breakfast, lunch and dinner 😉

  4. Wow! What a feast. Your sweets look awesome, especially the cookies! I am not a very good cotton candy spinner at all.

  5. OMG, what a fab spread – but I have my greedy eye on the pretzel toffee. It sounds similar to the Matzoh toffee I made last year. Yum!

  6. Goodness! This sounds like one heck of a girl’s night. Why in the world do I live so far away??????

  7. It sounds like a total success! I think the toffee sounds amazing, and the whole menu is a winner. And how fun to have a cotton candy maker!

  8. These treats sound perfect for a ladies-night get-together, Jill. What fun! I thought I was cool with my new hot-air popcorn maker, but a cotton candy-making machine? Wow, you rock!

  9. I have made a version like this with saltines, but this looks like a fabulous version. Definitely want to try this one out.

  10. Porcupine meatballs – you’ve made those for me! 🙂

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