Baking with Julia: White Loaves

February 7, 2012

The Tuesdays with Dorie group baked its way through Baking: From My Home to Yours, and now we’re on to a new book, Baking with Julia. Welcome new bakers! Tuesdays with Dorie was so fun that I knew I wanted to keep going and join the new group. I got the book for Christmas, and it was great to crack it open and start baking. And so I present to you, a White Loaf.

Yep, white loaf bread; a nice, basic recipe to kick off the new group. Although the recipe is for White Loaves, I cut it in half and made White Loaf. There are only two of us, and one loaf of bread at a time is plenty.


  • I cut the recipe in half and made one loaf.
  • I always use instant yeast, so I used a little bit less yeast than called for in the recipe (no scientific calculation – I just eyeball it and use less than called for).
  • My loaf was done after baking for 30 minutes.

The day I baked this, we had it with soup for dinner. Spread with a little butter (er, Smart Balance), it was a tender and tasty accompaniment to a steaming bowl of soup. It was very well-received by my husband, who was more excited than I expected him to be about white bread (hmmm…maybe I overdo it with the grainy, wheaty breads!). I was all excited to make toast with this, but somehow I didn’t get around to it. I did see a piece of toast that my husband made and it looked lovely.

You can find this recipe on page 81 of Baking with Julia. This week, Laurie and Jules are hosting, and Jules has the recipe on her blog.

One more note: I kicked the Facebook habit and deactivated my account. I was friends with a few other bakers and wanted to mention that just in case you noticed that I disappeared from your friend list or your page likes. Facebook just wasn’t enhancing my life. Will Twitter do it for me? I don’t know, but I’m giving it a try. You can find me @BakeWithJill. I’m just getting started, but hope to find my tweeting groove and find some good people to follow. Suggestions welcome!


  1. Your bread looks terrific. And I’ve just linked up with you on twitter!

  2. Your loaf looks great, inside and out! Truly pretty. Happy to be baking with you again in TWD…always fun to see what is up over here either way, however. I have my FB limited to 40 people because it drives me nuts having so much open all the time. I have thought about just ditching it as I never do anything with it other than steal photos from Matt’s FB for his scrapbook…without it, I couldn’t do that, so I am on…barely. This bread was good enough to eat without even butter on it. Always a plus.

  3. Lovely loaf there friend. Nicely done!

    Gonna get mine in just before midnight!

  4. Well, two of us ate the two loaves in record time. Maybe I should have made just one for diet sake. I like twitter much more than fb! Hope you do too

  5. Loaf turned out great! I thought about using 1/2 the recipe, but instead decided to make one a cinnamon swirl, and I’m glad I did, because it came out yummy.

    I nixed facebook too. It’s amazing how strange the world seems the first few weeks away, but i’ve been off for over 2 years and now think it was a GREAT decision!

  6. What a beautiful loaf of bread! Part of me was saying “white bread!?!” when I saw what the first recipe was, but it was fun to make.

  7. I hope you enjoy the new baking group and book as much as the old! (though I’m sure there is a lot of overlap). There seem to be a lot of the Dorie folks on twitter, though I too am questioning how all those social medias are enhancing my life – need to be more social rather than just act more social. LOL. Here’s to getting out more in 2012.

  8. Haha, my husband always gets really excited when I make (or buy) plain white bread. I’m not baking with you guys, but I need to make this one for him.

    Following you on Twitter now šŸ™‚

  9. Nice loaf, Jill! I probably only should have made one; I froze one and we’re not always great about thawing frozen baked goods. Josh was excited about the white bread too. I must not bake bread often enough!

  10. I thought this was a very nice recipe for the start of the new group, also. My kids are the ones that are usually complaining about the lack of “soft bread” in the house, so this was a compromise!

  11. Lovely bread Jill. I only made one loaf too – plenty for me. I often think about deactivating my Facebook account, but I have just joined Pinteerest, which needs Facebook or Twitter – so I am stuck.

  12. YUM. Your loaf looks great! I”m glad to be back baking with you.

  13. Lovely loaf šŸ™‚
    Looking forward to many more TWD adventures.

  14. Just found you on twitter! The bread really looks good. Honestly, there is something so simple and delicious about a plain white bread. Tasty treat!

  15. I think your bread looks perfect and I’m glad you enjoyed it.

    I stay on Facebook just in case someone wants to get in touch with me, but I never go on there as I find it really annoying.

  16. OH, your bread came out BEAUTIFULLY!! Mine was a little lopsided and got a little dry. Your crumb looks PERFECT!!

    Glad you came by for a visit.

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