Golden Pull-Apart Butter Buns

December 5, 2012

When I was browsing King Arthur Flour’s recipes to find a Burger Bun recipe, I came across these dinner rolls, and they immediately went on my to-make list. First I made a half-batch to decide if I should make them for Thanksgiving. We inhaled them before I could get a photo, and they immediately went on the Thanksgiving menu. Michele also made rolls, and as with the burger buns, she tried a different recipe so that we could compare.

Tender and tasty, these are great on their own, but it doesn’t get much better than a bite of warm roll spread with butter.

Both times that I made these, I followed the instructions for making them a day ahead of time: after the first rise, the dough is shaped into rolls and partially rises before going into the refrigerator overnight. The next day, they come out of the fridge and rise the rest of the way before baking. This worked great on Thanksgiving – I baked them in the morning and warmed them before dinner. Everyone was happy that we had homemade rolls!

More tips:

  • If you have a scale, use it: weigh the dough, divide by 16, and that’s how much each roll should weigh. I used to think this was too much trouble, but it’s worth a few extra minutes to have equally-sized rolls.
  • The recipe is designed for 8-inch round cake pans; I have 9-inch cake pans, so I put 10 rolls in a 9-inch pan and 6 rolls in a 6-inch pan.

Are you ready to bake some rolls? You can get the recipe for Golden Pull-Apart Butter Buns here on King Arthur Flour’s website. I also spotted some other good-looking rolls on King Arthur Flour’s site. I didn’t have a chance to make them yet, but that’s the recipe Michele tried, so hop over to her blog to see more rolls!


  1. Your rolls look just perfect and I for sure want to try this recipe. Thanks for baking along with me!

  2. Love a recipe you can start a day ahead! These look so good

  3. These buns look delicious, and I can practically taste them with butter. I’ve had great luck with recipes from the KAF website, and I’d trust just about anything I find there.

  4. These look so buttery and delicious! YUM!

  5. KAF has the best recipes don’t they? I haven’t tried these rolls yet, but you’ve just put them on my radar because they look amazing!

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