Two Crafty Sewing Projects

January 11, 2013

I don’t have a lot of experience sewing, but do enjoy trying easy projects that help to build my confidence with this mysterious machine. I borrowed a copy of The Feisty Stitcher from my library and these Conical Coin Purses caught my eye.

What I really like about this project is that it uses 1 1/2″ wide grosgrain ribbon (you can see the strips of ribbon best in the flowered purse on the left). I found a similar pattern online that uses fabric, but I like the effect that you get from the ribbon. The instructions and illustrations in the book made this project a breeze. Before this I’d only sewn two zippers, and I was very happy with the zipper instructions in this pattern.

Next, I made a super-easy tissue holder using these instructions. I’ve had this one in my purse for a while and it works great. I made a few more of these for Christmas gifts.

I found that it worked better to use two pieces of fabric measuring 7″x7″ (instead of 6 1/2″x7″). With those measurements, there is no “long” side, but I considered the side with the 1/2″ opening to be the long side. I did do the 1/4″ overlap as noted as an option in the instructions.

I hope to do more sewing and crafting this year, so if I make anything else worth sharing, you’ll see it here!


  1. I absolutely love these-and I am so jealous, I can barely sew on a button!!!! I honestly, if given the choice, couldn’t choose a favorite between all three. You did a beautiful job!

  2. These are all adorable! I would love t learn how to sew. You’re so talented!!

  3. I’m not crafty at all, and I’m impressed with your projects!

  4. Your projects look great! You could sell those little purses – they are so cute.

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