Chalkboard Labels: A Reality Check

November 11, 2013

After seeing a lot of cute chalkboard labels on containers, I decided to make my own. I bought a roll of chalkboard contact paper, a paper punch, and chalk. I punched some labels and put them on my pantry containers. So far, so good.

Then I wrote on the labels. My non-artistic handwriting, combined with the cylindrical pieces of chalk, didn’t result in an attractive label. I dug up a sharpener for a long-gone “chubby” makeup pencil; it did a good job of sharpening the chalk, which made it easier to write on the labels.

And then. I used the containers and realized that when I grabbed them, my hand smudged the chalk. Even now that I know I’m going to smudge it, I still manage to grab the containers in a way that I smudge the label.


So, they kind of work, but I’m not holding my breath for my pantry to be featured in a home decorating magazine!



  1. These are really cute but I see that they smudge so easily. I love your containers.

  2. I had the same problem so I gave up on the chalkboard label idea. Instead I use a piece of washi tape and a Sharpie – not reusable, but I don’t need much tape to make a label.

    • Great idea – thank you!

  3. I use my label maker. I know it’s sugar or flour, but it makes the canister look very neat. Even though it smudges, your label and concept are very pretty!

    • I have a label maker and I love it!

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