Kitschy Christmas Ornaments (Felt & Embroidery)

November 24, 2013

I see a lot of craft ideas online that go on my “someday” list. But these Kitschy Christmas Ornaments from Wild Olive, went on the “right now” list.

felt ornaments

These are as cute as it gets, and I wanted some on my tree this year. So far I’ve made three, and I think I’ll have at least a few more ready by the time the tree is up.

felt ornaments

felt ornaments

Project notes:

  • The instructions are just $5.00, and they’re very detailed and helpful. I’ve never made anything like this before, but I was quickly up and running after reading through the information.
  • In the instructions, she mentions using freezer paper to trace and transfer the pattern pieces to the felt. This was new to me, but let me tell you – it’s magical! A quick pass with the iron adheres the paper to the felt, and then it easily peels off with no residue. I found a good primer on freezer paper here on Make it & Love it.
  • To make things really, easy, you can buy a customized felt collection and matching embroidery floss. I didn’t need the floss, but I bought the felt. I’m not a felt expert, but the wool felt is definitely nicer than the basic felt that I’ve bought at the craft store for other projects.
  • Most of the stitching is basic, but if you need a tutorial on French Knots (those are the little dots on the wreath and the poinsettia), hop over to Sublime Stitching.
  • Photos of all the ornaments, plus links to purchase the pattern and the felt are here on Wild Olive’s blog.


  1. These are just too sweet. And they look pretty easy to do.

  2. These are precious!

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