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Jill’s blog is about whatever Jill feels like writing about! It’s heavy on food, especially my Tuesdays With Dorie adventures, but I throw in other things here and there too.

You can contact me at bakewithjill [at] gmail [dot] com



Thanks Jennifer!


Thanks again Jennifer!


  1. Hi Jill: My daughter’s name is Jill. Icame acros your site while searching for a recipe for those old-fashioned Nabisco Devil’s Food Cookies – not available anymore. Only the Snackwell’s low-fat – which ugh! I wonder how/what they used to coat the outside of the soft centers – from the inside out – it had the base cake-like center, then a thin white something(?) and topped with the hardened chocolate. Any suggestions?

  2. Hey, you have the same Chef whites!! 🙂 And I love your Kitchen Aid mixer! I need to upgrade once I get home to cater to all those huge orders I’ll be getting! Hahaha! Nice to finally “meet” you, Jill!!

    • I am smiling right now……we took some photos over the weekend and I was in my chef whites, with my orange Kitchen Aid in the background; not ready to put them on the blog though…..:-)

  3. Hi, I found your site while checking to see what Dorie’s Tuesday recipe was….
    You read a lot of the same blogs I do…nice to meet you…

  4. Hi! Triple Fruit scones by cooking light are a favorite! Glad you have recipe


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