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No-Knead Harvest Bread: King Arthur

June 2, 2009

In the building where I used to work, there was a coffee place that sold delicious raisin rolls and cranberry rolls – hearty, chewy bread packed full of dried fruit and nuts. If I was having a bad day (or a “hungry” day), I’d head down and get a roll as a pick-me-up. This Harvest Bread brings back the good memories of those rolls, plus I don’t have to choose between cranberry or raisin because it has both. There’s no need to wait for a bad day to enjoy this bread!

You can see that it’s chock-full of goodies (explanation of why it’s so weird looking is below).


You can find the recipe here on King Arthur’s site. Also, there are more photos and more information on their Baker’s Banter blog.

Warning! I started out following the recipe and then switched to the Baker’s Banter blog to see more photos and get more information…and I got caught up in the blog and ended up missing some important steps in the recipe, such as turning the dough onto a floured surface and lightly greasing the pan. Oops. That’s why my bread looks so crazy in the photo: a lot of it remained in the pan. The bread that made it out of the pan tasted delicious, and after a couple days of soaking and scrubbing, I got the pan clean!

I was going to make this again to get a nicer photo, but I’m sidelined from spending time in the kitchen right now, so I thought I’d post this with my as-is photo. I just ate the last slice from the freezer and can’t wait to make this again!

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